Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lize Mogel

'MIGRATION ROUTES of the Wood River Valley
A community mapping commissioned by the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Idaho. Locally specific, the map shows overlapping patterns of movement and migration over time by Native Americans, mining and railroad industries, sheepherders, domestic workers, second-home owners, and wild animals. It was researched through interviews with and map-surveys by Wood River Valley residents, visitors, workers, advocates, business owners, and students. The finished map was distributed at the Center for the Arts, in schools, and at tourist centers.The outside face of the map consists of Wood River Valley residents' answer to the questions "where do you live" and "where is home"? The inside face shows historic and contemporary patterns of migration through the physical geography of the valley; where those migrating populations follow each other as the Valley's demographics and economies change; and where they come into conflict with each other (for example when residential development encroaches on seasonal wildlife migration areas.)'

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