Monday, 8 February 2010

Psycho Buildings - Hayward Gallery

Rachel Whiteread, Place (Village), 2006–08, Mixed media: doll’s houses, crates, boxes, wood, electrical fittings and fixtures, electricity. Courtesy Rachel Whiteread. Photo: Stephen White

Above: Mike Nelson, To the Memory of H.P. Lovecraft, 1999, 2008. Mixed media. Courtesy the artist, Matt’s Gallery, London and Galleria Franco Noero, Torino. Photo: © Stephen White

Above: Michael Beutler, Sandwiches, dobbels and burgers, 2008. Paper and mesh. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Christian Nagel. Photo: © Stephen White

Above: Los Carpinteros, Show Room, 2008, Cinder blocks, fishing nylon, Ikea and B&Q furniture. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. Photo: Stephen White

Above: Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star 1/5, 2008. ABS, basswood, beech, ceramic, enamel paint, glass, honeycomb board, laquer paint, latex paint, LED lights, pinewood, plywood, resin, spruce, styrene, polycarbonate sheets, PVC sheets. Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York. Photo: © Stephen White

Gelitin, normally, proceeding and unrestricted with without title, 2008, Mixed media. Courtesy the artists. Photo: © Stephen White

Slovenian artist Tobias Putrih is showing Venetian, Atmospheric (2007), a beautifully created 30-seat cinema. Designed with curved wooden walls and a ceiling onto which twinkling stars and moving clouds are projected, Venetian, Atmospheric places the spectator in an ever-changing environment. Situated on the sculpture terrace facing Waterloo Bridge, Putrih’s structure screens a specially-curated programme of films about artists and architecture.Outside on another of the gallery’s sculpture terraces, the Argentinean artist, Tomas Saraceno has installed a huge transparent dome Observatory, Air-Port-City (2008). Visitors walk onto a mirrored floor into a disconcerting space where they can observe the sky above their heads or reflected below their feet. Visitors can also enter the dome at a higher level and climb up onto its transparent air supported ‘pillow’ to observe the visitors below.
Korean-born artist Do Ho Suh is presenting a major new sculpture, Fallen Star 1/5 (2008). The autobiographical work features an extraordinary detailed 1:5 scale model of the artist’s childhood home in Korea colliding into the New England apartment where he lived as an art student, the intricately recreated contents of both houses merged together on impact. In the upper galleries he has created a second work, Staircase – V (2008), a ghostly evocation of the basement staircase in the artist’s apartment that he has fashioned from vibrant red semi-translucent fabric. Suspended from the gallery’s ceiling, the staircase hovers off the gallery floor responding to the slightest movement around it.

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