Thursday, 22 April 2010

Upcoming Submissions 30/05/10

for proposals from emerging artists whose work challenges and questions conventional theatrical forms to perform at Stockholm’s first Fringe Fest in October 2010.

Stoff 2010 is a three day event that aims to support and promote cutting edge theatre making. The fest is foremost focused on promoting artists who have not yet found their feet in the industry however we also welcome submissions from established groups/individuals who promote innovation in their dramatic work.
SURVIVAL KIT 2 is characterized by the following keywords: migration, community, utopia, alternative economy, power, ecology. In the previous SURVIVAL KIT project, at the time when the society was just getting acquainted with the situation created by the economic crisis and was possibly under the illusion that it was a temporary occurrence soon to pass, artists focused on DIY strategies, using low-cost materials, short-term, spontaneous solutions, ironic attributes of spirituality, commentary and documentation of the situation.

SURVIVAL KIT 2 calls for a critical analysis of the current situation as well as viewing things in a long-term perspective, changing the usual direction of thinking, focusing on sustainable strategies and taking a look into the future.

2HB CCA 30/04/10

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