Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Arctic Circle, NY

The Arctic Circle

The Artic Circle is a nexus where art intersects science, architecture, and activisim - an incubator for thought and experimentation for artists and innovators who seek out and foster areas of collaboration to engage in the central issues of our time.


Sarah Anne Johnson


Laundry Room

Tent At Night

Tree Planting Project - Morning Meeting

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'Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson completed her MFA at Yale in 2004 with a thesis project entitled "Tree Planting." This ambitious installation formed a record of her summers spent in northern Canada engaged in the collective activity of reforesting as a way of earning money and having a communal experience. For her art, she combines straight photographs with photographs recording "tableaux" made from sculptural figures set in the landscape. These vignettes extend the images beyond just what she was able to record to what she remembers both visually and emotionally.
In an extended project based on ecological volunteer tourism in the Galapagos Islands (financed partially by a grant from Yale) she continued the themes of idealism and nature, and has expanded the mediums in which she works to include painting and sculpture.Johnson's work is featured in many museum collections including the Guggenheim Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Canada. To learn more about the work of Sarah Anne Johnson please visit '

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