Sunday, 20 December 2009


'But there it is, either you love or you don't.'

First Love Samuel Beckett
“Doesn’t matter how long the love lasts. You’ll be contented once you know you were in love before. Have I told you about the magnet theory?”
I shook my head.
“You’re like the North Pole of a magnet bar, and Jacky is also like the North Pole of a magnet bar. There’s no way for both of you to be close together. There’s a force that’ll always push you both apart. This force is called the obstacle, like interest differences, communication problems and etc.
“However, if you put a metal bar in between, both you magnets will stick to it. And you’ll be close to each other. That metal bar dissolves the force that psuhes both of you away. And that metal bar is what we called love.”
Extract from the book I believe youby Low Kay HwaAll Rights Reserved.Singapore :, 2005.Call Number: Y SING LOW

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