Sunday, 20 December 2009

Rikrit Tiravanija / the land foundation

In the recent Walker exhibition OPEN-ENDED (the art of engagement), curator Doryun Chong faced a challenge: how to present the Walker’s history of artist residencies and do it while engaging community in new ways. With a panel of Walker staff members from all departments, he set out to open up the gallery–literally and metaphorically–and who better to help than Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, who was a resident artist here in the mid-90s? Tiravanija recreated and modified Viennese architect Friedrich Kiesler’s Raumbhne, a spiral stage–or “space stage”–that illustrated his idea of correalism, a “theory of the endless and multidimensional correlation between the human being, the arts and the space.” Tiravanija’s “demo station” was a launchpad for a variety of activities during the run of the exhibition, from karaoke battles and a teen fashion show to performances and music events. Chong recently discussed Tiravanija’s art and the stage that became the locus of activity in this unusual and free-form show.


Rikrit Tiravanija - 'defined art as 'trend'. This trend creates art in the form of ready-made object and remixed design and locates the value of contemporary art in the usefulness of its function. This trend has more social context and social contact than art of former times.'

Mitar -Jai -in 'artist as integrating institution rather than individual.'

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