Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cornelia Parker

The Maybe with Tilda Swinton

A Strange Alchemy: Cornelia Parker
Interview with Lisa Tickner

CP: 'I felt - naivley - that art was something without rues, but of ocurse you impose your own. It was good to create my own parameters within which to explore anything that interested me in life. The work was a kind of waste product if that. I never saw it as being a sort of pinnacle, it was almost something I shed.'
'I was also very interested in Edward De Bono's book Lateral Thinking, which I read when I was 18. He talks about holes. He says that to be an expert you have to dig a very deep hol, but that if you do that it's difficult to get out of it and look around; to dig a different hole would be almost impossible for an expert. Thinking laterally means thinking creatively, rather than just learning the conents of an existing hole. So you dig lots of holes that could become connected and that way you might discover something new.'
LT:'...according to the psychoanalysies of Melanie Klein, we all go through infant phases of fantasized attatck and remorseful reparation (and since, in the Kleinian iew, reparation is the basis of artistic activity), the paradox isnt a paradox at all (in reference to destructive process and the graceful delicate nature of Parkers work). Art is always making something out of nothing
. ...It's exhilirating to identify with acts of detruction at a safe distance from guilt and harm, and it's gratifying to share in the fantasy in the process of reparation by which damagae is made good.'

Cold Dark Matter


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